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Used homeschool books and resources are available all over the internet. Facebook groups, various used product sites, and even various friends are ready and willing to sell their used books. With so many options available, why shop at Homeschool Used Book?

Vetted Seller

Scammers target homeschool used buying groups and easily create profiles by copying another member’s photo and information. Using images from other members, they sell curriculum they do not own and then pocket the money. Not on Homeschool Used Book. Each seller is vetted and verified!


While Facebook and other online groups provide an easy way to trade off our used products, they also lack any form of guarantees. You may submit a payment only to find that the product was not as advertised—or possibly never existed in the first place! Your money is spent, and what’s in your hands is useless.

With Homeschool Used Book, your money is backed by a guarantee. When you pay for a product, that product is shipped via a trackable method. Your payment to the seller does not clear until five days after your product has been marked as delivered. This ensures that you have the opportunity to receive your product and check it to make sure it was delivered as promised.

Single Checkout

With many used sites or Facebook groups, every single seller requires a separate transaction. If you’re shopping for the new school year, that can add up to a lot of separate transactions! With Homeschool Used Books, you can consolidate purchases from a variety of vendors into a single transaction. Just add the books to your cart, make your payment choice, and check out.

Helpful Filters and Search Techniques

When vendors list their products, they are required to include categories and tags that help make the shopping experience easier for you. This means that you can search for products by various filters including grade, subject, publisher, and price. You can also use the Homeschool Used Book search function to narrow your search even further.

Tagging for each product allows you to search for a specific science focus, a history cycle, a certain elective focus, and more. You can even search for a specific title, use an ISBN number to ensure the right edition, or search by author.

Product Images

Stock photos or lack of images altogether can sometimes make it difficult to verify the quality of the product you are purchasing. At Homeschool Used Book, all vendors are required to upload original photos of the exact product being sold to ensure that you know the quality of the product you are purchasing.

Immediate Stock Updates

Have you ever been excited to find a book at a great price, only to discover that the item had already been sold? On Homeschool Used Book, the stock information is updated automatically as soon as a purchase is made. As a buyer, you can clearly see what is available as opposed to what has already been sold. You can also be sure that an item you have purchased won’t accidentally be sold to another customer.

Many sources provide great used books at great prices. But, with Homeschool Used Books, you can search easily to find the books you’re looking for. And once you buy, the purchase policies are set up to protect your payment and ensure the product is delivered safely to your door. That’s why buying from Homeschool Used Books just makes sense!

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